CryptoCarto is a digital experience: 

a world map where you can easily reserve any spot on earth and attach a message to it


The map is filled with reserved spots and messages that you can freely consult!

It’s a nice way to discover interesting spots, and share your experiences with your friends and anyone in the world!

But something is deeper here: when you create a new pin, you get full “digital property” over it.

This is achieved thanks to “blockchain technology”, the same kind of tech behind the famous Bitcoin digital currency.

When you reserve a spot, a “digital token” is automatically created and associated to your account: no one else but you can interact with it after it’s creation, not even the application administrators.

Your own pins are displayed on the bottom-right of the page (click on “Tokens info” to reveal the zone if it is hidden).

As digital properties, you can see them elsewhere on the internet, for instance on Orb Explorer (a digital asset explorer) or Klaytn Scope (the blockchain provider), as displayed below. Links to access those as provided directly in the app.

orb-explorer -zone

How does it work? When you access the map, CryptoCarto automatically generates a new account for you.

You can check your account details top-right on the screen (click on “User info” to reveal the zone if hidden).

To keep your account for next time, you have to save this information: without them, you cannot claim property over your tokens!

Easiest way is to click on the “Save to disk” button to get a text file with everything needed. You will get a file like below, and next time you visit, you can use your account by clicking “Import other key” and copy-pasting the following value.

Keep this file somewhere safe: anyone with this data can access your tokens!

Your identity as a token owner is defined by the “address” information of your account. You can see the owner address for any pin on the map.

What should you do now that you have your first pins?

Browse the existing pin list on the map or on the bottom-left “token info” space to discover which other spots where claimed, and read the associated messages! Click on any token image to teleport to it.

Create new pins on all of your favourite spots! You can teleport to anywhere in the world using the search field, quick ‘teleport’ buttons, or directly by latitude and longitude.

Some zoom levels are locked at this moment as the project is developing, and zooming out is super server-intense ☹ !

To use CryptoCarto, you just have to click to the button below:

No need to register, no need to create an account, no need to buy any cryptocurrency: it’s free for you to use.

Have fun 😊 !

Join the community and explore the world of CryptoCarto today:

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