claim a space anywhere on earth
using blockchain technology

Secure a digital spot on earth

Claim your favorite spot on earth using its coordinates and get a corresponding digital asset that you truly possess. You can even attach a small message to it!

Cutting edge technology

CryptoCarto uses a Smart Contract on the enterprise-grade Klaytn blockchain.

Each claimed spot is represented with an ERC-721 digital token, the best and world-widely recognised standard for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Blazing fast

With its 1 second block-time and low gas price, the Klaytn blockchain is 15x faster and 10x cheaper to use than Ethereum. Backed by reputable corporations worldwide, it offers the most robust foundation for CryptoCarto’s core features.

Solidity Smart Contract

CryptoCarto’s assets are managed on-chain by an ERC-721 Solidity Smart Contract. The code is Open Source and can be viewed on GitHub. All transactions are publicly viewable directly on the official Klaytn blockchain explorer.

Check the Smart Contract code on GitHub

View the Smart Contract on Klaytn blockchain explorer

Discover Klaytn's disruptive blockchain

CryptoCarto uses Klaytn’s blazing fast blockchain.
Discover today all the great features they propose!

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CryptoCarto transaction on map

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